Restoration of The Matumi Trail

Walk Amongst Giants


The Matumi Trail is located 6 Km up the Politsi Valley, on the Grootbosch Road, near Tzaneen, in the Limpopo Provence.

The Trail navigates a 2.2km loop along the perennial Mabitsi River. There are dozens of massive Matumi Trees growing along the trail, many of which are estimated to be over 2000 years of age. The oldest of these trees is 2500 years old and is the 4th largest tree of any tree species in the country and is claimed to be the oldest tree alive in South Africa.

The Matumi Trail is under restoration, with most invader species having being cut and removed. This section of preserved, high canopy rain forest represents approximately 12% of the farm Amorentia. All the Mauritius thorn, Bugweed, Lantana and other invaders are being eradicated.

We have a tree planting, reforestation programme in place. Should you wish to participate in this important initiative, come and plant a tree in the forest along The Matumi Trail and have you name and details enshrined on a plaque next to the tree, please call Amorentia on + 27 (0)793066590 for more information in this regard.

Walking along the river and amongst these Giants, requires adherence to the rules of the trail. Visitors must please respect the quiet of the forest. No shouting and loud play is permitted while visitors and their children are on the Matumi Trail.

Please adhere to the Rules of the trail. There may be other guests visiting these remarkable Mother Trees. This is a hallowed place, to be marked with great reverence.

The entire area deserves Great Respect.

By the authority of the Amorentia Estate.