Jumping, Leaping Frogs

Frogs just leap for joy

Frogs are such a joy. They hibernate during the cold winter months, crouched quiet still and waiting for warmer weather to return.

When their internal thermometers synchronize with the first Spring rains, all the rainforest Frogs burst into song. There are Transvaal Rain frogs, Natal Cascade frogs and the Bubbling Kassinas. The silence of the Forest gives way to a cacophony of squeaks, chirps, and trills, as well as the drone of the Olive Toad. The sounds of the striped stream frog and the Clicking Stream frog accompanies the Olive Toad to compliment the orchestra, as the drizzle sets in.

Frogs leap into the pools in the Mabitsi River. As you pass, these lively frogs spawn the onset of the breeding season. Soon the pools will be populated with tadpoles, eager to complete their cycle of Metamorphosis.

Come listen to the Rain-frogs here in the Rainforest