Ferns of The Clivia Trail

Become a Fern Fan

Moist, damp, high-canopy rainforests, invite the Fern Community to take up residence in their environment.

Here on The Clivia Trailin the Mabitsi Valley, we are blessed with numerous members of this remarkable and welcoming community of different Ferns. We have established many resting places and benches along the trail, overlooking the Mabitsi riverbank, where visitors can bide their time to marvel at the Ferns growing in profusion on the banks of the river, as well as along the trail.

New emerging Ferns form interesting spiral shapes, which can in some cases, be described according to the Fibonacci Sequence. The emerging main fronds of the Ferns are wrapped in tight spirals. Inside those curled-up coils are other smaller curls with the same properties, within which are miniscule leaves, also wound into tiny helixes of their own. As the whole scroll process gradually unfurls, they unwrap themselves, revealing living, moving, dynamic forms of mathematic loveliness.

There is something about Ferns that gives the visitor an immense amount of pleasure and a senses of well-being. The sight of abundant stands of various Fern species, is just something to marvel at.

When you walk The CliviaTrail, stop and ‘forest-bathe’ in the multitudes of green, ever-lush communities of Ferns and their spirals, that inhabit the forest.

You will leave utterly fulfilled, having become a Fern Fan.