Animals of The Clivia Trail

Alive, Furry and Secretive

There are remarkable communities of animals living on The Clivia Trail, each contributing their own secretive balance to the Forest environment.

TheClivia Trail is the home of the Samango Monkey, the Bushpig, Porcupine, Bushbuck and Grey Duiker and families of Honey Badgers. In addition, there are Lynx, Genet, White Tailed Mongoose, Slender Mongoose, Water Mongoose, Otters and up to 5 Leopards living in this extensive, Woodbush Forest.

Prepare yourselves to see these animals foraging during the day, the prize being the sighting of the listed as Vulnerable, White-tailed Rat, also referred to as the African Giant Rat. There are many smaller rodents, and large communities of Moles, resident under the ground.

The greatest threat to this ancient primeval Forest, is the most recent visitor, the Chacma Baboon. Time will tell, but the Samango Monkeys do NOT like having the Baboons as co-habitants of THEIR Forest.

You will come alive in this green and furry, secretive place.