Tall Trees of The Clivia Trail

Pillars of the Forest Cathedral

Thousands of years ago, there were architects who dwelt in the rainforest. Seeds germinated and 20-meter-high, tree-pillars grew and created a unique canopy above the Forest floor.

The very word primeval forest describes the state of a forest environment. For the first time, we are privileged to enter and traverse this pristine, high-canopy rainforest along The Clivia Trail and ‘forest bathe’ amongst giants.

Previously inaccessible, The Clivia Trail offers keen walkers a unique opportunity to make a pilgrimage through a damp cathedral of trees, in the absolute solitude of a pristine wilderness environment of hundreds of thousands of massive trees.

Many of these mother-trees have fallen and are being composted back into the forest morphology. It’s the Trees that maketh The Forest, we should all Bless the Trees

Come enter and spend time beneath the pillars of this cathedral.