Explore the pristine Subtropical, high canopy rainforest


Absolute Solitude

Tucked away in a remote valley in the heart of the 10,000ha Woodbush forest, on the Eastern escarpment, due-west of the Limpopo town of Tzaneen in South Africa, is a pristine area of Subtropical, high canopy rainforest

My name is Howard Blight and I grew up with my bare feet tracing their way through the leaf mulch in this forest, which is a pillared cathedral of trees, towering above a green moss-carpet in the Absolute Solitude of dappled light beams.


along the banks of its own Mabitsi River

The primaeval nature of this unique forest which has a sensitively sculptured trail along the banks of its own Mabitsi River, acts as a sponge, timeously releasing stored water throughout the year, is aptly named The Clivia Trail. Amongst other fauna and flora, there are tens of thousands of wild Clivias, which are a truly magnificent sight when in full bloom from October through to February. 

The Mabitsi River in the Politsi valley, remains one of the truly perennial rivers in our country, raging into a violent torrent of tumbling boulders from January to April, to a placid trickle in the driest month of September.

20m High Trees

The massive 20m high trees in that forest, many of which may well be a thousand years old. The animals living in the forest.


There are numerous species of ferns which secure the gullies in this moist paradise


The mushroom and fungi species found along The Clivia Trail

A Range of Mosses

There is an extensive range of mosses and lichens to be viewed along the trail.

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