There are Vines in this here Forest

Tangle with the Vines

The Clivia Trail is festooned with multiple climbing, dangling, intertwining, and engulfing species of forest vines. Little is known about these many vine and Lianas types and how they advantage the several communities that inhabit the sub-tropical, high-canopy rainforests.

As you embark on your Clivia Trail walk, you will be surrounded, by several of these tagged forest vines. The fruit of the Wild Grape, (Rhoicissus Tomentosa) as well as Forest plumb, are consumed by Cape Parrots, Samango Monkeys and Knysna and Purple-Crested Turacos, that live in the canopy of the forest. Bush Pigs, Porcupines and White-tailed rats consume the many fruits dropped by the vines onto the forest floor.

Once you have exited the trail, you can enjoy a Rainforest Gin, flavoured with the root-extract of the endangered African Vanilla vine, found only in this forest environment, and cultivated by Amorentia Nursery for this very purpose and referred to as Mungulawu in Sepedi and has been used for hundreds of years to help children to increase their appetites.

The various vines along The Clivia Trailare presently being identified and scientifically documented, with The Clivia Trail as the source of such information.

Many of these vine species, found along the trail, are hundreds of years old.

Come entangle your mind with the vines.