Animal Droppings in The Clivia Trail

There’s poo in the forest All species that live in the forest generate their own waste; leaves, twigs, flowers, fruit, branches and animal droppings. Animal droppings in particular, carry higher levels of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, which help to complete the nitrogen cycle on the forest floor. One of the methods that Civets use to […]

There is water in The Clivia Trail

Come Bathe in the Rain The Mabitsi River runs through The Clivia Trail. With an above average annual rainfall of 1600mm per year, the Mabitsi River occasionally turns into a raging torrent, closing the trail to the public. The trail will generally be open between April and December when this River is more placid and […]

Light on The Trail

See the light as the sun rises In the very early morning, as the sun rises and for two hours following that, the quality of dappled light in the forest is indescribably soft and soothing. This is the best time to Forest Bathe. The intensity of the shading effect the canopy offers, drops the temperature […]

Sounds in The Forest

Listen to the Silence Other than the chorus of birds, the gurgle of the Mabitsi River and the call of the Samango Monkeys, there is silence in The Forest, to welcome you onto The Clivia Trail. In the Summer months, Cicada Beetles play their Violins; incessantly; announcing the pending warmer weather. And when it rains […]

Reptiles Remain Slithery & Secretive Forest Dwellers

WithChameleons looking every which way There are several Reptiles which call the forest their home. This magnificent Class of animals are well suited to the canopy and cover of the trail in the high-canopy rainforest. Ranging in colour, size and shape, reptiles occupy most nooks & crevasses, trees and leaf litter along The Clivia Trail. […]


Breathe Deeply Along the Trail While ‘Forest Bathing’, close your eyes and take a deep breath, while tasting the essence of the forest along The Clivia Trail. Some of these remarkable smells are of dry leaf-mulch, others are damp humic compositions, all carrying out their several duties. When the vines and the trees within the […]

Jumping, Leaping Frogs

Frogs just leap for joy Frogs are such a joy. They hibernate during the cold winter months, crouched quiet still and waiting for warmer weather to return. When their internal thermometers synchronize with the first Spring rains, all the rainforest Frogs burst into song. There are Transvaal Rain frogs, Natal Cascade frogs and the Bubbling […]

Flowering Plants of The Clivia Trail

In warm weather they blossom in Profusion The Clivia Trail is home to multiple, natura rock and tree gardens of tens of thousands of Clivias, which bloom in the early to mid-Summer. There are other flowering plants, many of which only live in High Canopy Forests, such as members of the Streptocarpus family and many […]

Butterflies & Moths

Flutter- By The Clivia Trailis the home to a plethora of colourful and delicate fluttering wings of the Butterfly community. These little beings fit perfectly to the dainty balance of the forest. At night moths emerge, to pollinate certain flowers and feed the bats. Foraging and fluttering in the presence of our forest friends, creates […]

Spiders and Their Webs

I am watching you with all my eyes. A forest would not be complete without spiders and their webs. Spiders usually design their webs facing east to west. Most insects are attracted to light and in this case, the rising and setting sun. All the colours in the world are reflected off spiders’ webs, with […]